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Our world is full of abandoned places. Crumbling structures and rotting buildings that have been left to withstand the ravages of time, beautiful monuments of a once glorious past. Abandoned Idaho: Frozen in Time, follows photographer Nick Bagley as he explores this dark, abandoned world.


  Join Nick on a breathtaking adventure through Idaho's forgotten past. Visit ghost towns blanketed by the soft winter snow. Wander through an abandoned mine and discover some of its lost secrets. Take a tour through the eerie halls of a forgotten school, now turned haunted attraction. Climb through the crumbling rubble that was once a bustling sugar factory. While on your journey, take a deep dive into the depths of time and learn how history often gets mixed with legend and lore. 

  Learn the stories behind the photos and the adventures leading to them. Nick's writing style pulls his readers into the pages, making them feel as if they are exploring alongside him. Truly a journey like no other, Abandoned Idaho: Frozen in Time, is an excitingly dark adventure from start to finish.

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