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Haunted mansions, legendary gravesites, ghost towns, and fascinating history lie within these pages. His first book in the Photographer's America series, join author Nick Bagley as he takes you on a photographic tour of some of his favorite places. Diverting from the norm, Nick explores unheard-of areas that are regularly missed by the public. By no means a complete list, this book is designed to spark your imagination and motivate you to go out and explore on your own.

   Photographer's America: Utah Unique follows Nick as he investigates and photographs local legends and lore. Visit the grave of Jacob Moritz, who has been spotted haunting the Salt Lake Cemetery. Explore the famed McCune Mansion and discuss the many paranormal encounters that have happened within its walls. Stop by the Alta Club, where a fire burned a man to death in the 1950s. Not interested in the creepy side of things? Well, Nick has you covered. Visit gardens, historic homes, and explore the streets of Salt Lake City. A photographic masterpiece mixed with local history, this is Photographers America: Utah Unique.

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