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Crumbling ceilings, collapsing floors, and caved-in mine shafts are but a few of the perils that await the reader. A new adventure presents itself to all who dare explore these dark and dreary locations. Every place tells its own unique story. Every ounce of dust contains a gold mine of historical significance. Remember, all things are doomed to be erased by time and decay.

  Abandoned Utah follows photographer Nick Bagley as he attempts to preserve the past through his photos. Reading more like a history book, Nick researches each location he visits, providing the reader with detailed information behind each image. More adventurous than your average photographer, Nick uses his camera as an instrument to showcase all his photographic expeditions. Each trip he takes opens new doors in time, revealing how things once were. Believing that history repeats itself, Nick attempts to preserve it by using his unique point of view. Now grab your camera, dust off your lens, and join Nick on his exciting journey through Abandoned Utah.

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