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New Books!

New books are in the works! I’ve taken a hiatus on exploration videos and location scouting while working on my upcoming books. My next deadline is at the end of the month (July). My upcoming book will be a little bit different than Abandoned Utah. As part of the new Photographers America series, my book will discover strange and unique places in and around Salt Lake City. From legends to haunted houses to ghost towns and historic mansions, my Photographers America will take my readers on a darkly unique tour of Salt Lake City. These are the places you won't find in a local guidebook. Keep an eye out for it to hit the shelves at some point next year!

My next book in the abandoned genre is due at the end of this year (December 2021). In this follow-up to Abandoned Utah, I take you on a journey to several new places across the state. Getting darker and deeper than my first book, part two will showcase several locations that few have ever dared visit. Titles are in the works, and the writing/photo editing will forever continue


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