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Fisher Mansion

Built-in 1893, The Fisher Mansion was constructed along a small section of the Jordan River. Fisher chose this location because of the water source that he needed to supply his brewery. Having immigrated from Germany in 1881, he would soon become a highly successful brewer. By 1905 his company had one of the largest breweries in the west, employing fifty people and producing roughly 75,000 barrels of brew. Fisher also owned many taverns throughout the Salt Lake Valley, creating a constant demand for his creation.

When I first photographed the abandoned Fisher Mansion, it was in an advanced state of decay. Years without upkeep gave it a beautifully haunting look. While still in rough shape, these days, an effort is being made to restore the mansion to its former glory. Things have changed on the property, and it is now surrounded by a fence, and work is being done to complete the restoration. Being an avid urban explorer, naturally, I love photographing abandoned buildings. But I also love to see them restored. I hope to someday tour the mansion and get a glimpse of what life was like in the early years of Salt Lake City.

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